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Governing Bodies & Courthouse Square Developer Consider Options and Set Open House

FLEMINGTON – There will be an open house at the Flemington Courthouse on Wednesday, Oct. 17 from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m. to review the current plans for the Courthouse Square Project. Jack Cust and his development team will be on hand to answer questions.


Mayor Phil Greiner of the Flemington Borough is pleased to announce that the Hunterdon County Freeholders have agreed to explore providing off-site parking for Courthouse Square which could possibly enable the height of the buildings to be lower to address the concerns of some residents.

Freeholder Holt stated “Courthouse Square is a vital project to Flemington and Hunterdon County. It’s important that our County Seat be a vibrant community with economic drivers that benefit all those who live, work and visit here. The establishment of a four-year college in our County fills a long-standing void and is much needed. The County Freeholders are committed to continuing to support this most important project and are happy to collaborate with the Borough of Flemington to solve issues.

Mayor Greiner stated “this project has evolved over several years with multiple modifications to the plans by the redeveloper in response to ongoing feedback from the community. We appreciate the County and the redeveloper agreeing to our request to explore solutions to reduce the building heights.

“I’m very appreciative of Mayor Greiner’s effort to explore ways to come up with solutions and in addressing the concerns of residents regardingthe height of the project,” said Courthouse Square redeveloper Jack Cust. “I am also grateful to the Freeholders for their support of the project and their willingness to work with Flemington Borough to explore ways to make Courthouse Square a development everyone can be proud of. Our redevelopment plan allows for a reduction in height, so this initiative has no impact on the application currently before the planning board.”

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