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“This remarkable project could well be the jewel of Hunterdon County.  It has the potential to be the much needed change capable of returning Flemington to its former viable center of community and commerce.  Providing higher education in the County seat offers lifelong learning as a critical benefit to our citizens.  I applaud Mr. Cust's creativity and his intent to serve Flemington and Hunterdon County.  I encourage the residents of Flemington to join me in embracing this exciting development to ensure a great future for all of us.” 

Click here for freeholder resolution supporting Courthouse Square

Suzanne Lagay, Director

Hunterdon County

Freeholder Board

“Hunterdon Medical Center opened our doors over 60 years ago to a community that was predominantly farmland.  We have seen many changes over the years including the entry and exit of many services.  As we continue to grow and change, Hunterdon Healthcare is supportive of the revitalization plan for Flemington Borough. 

“We recognize the importance of bringing in new business and energizing the center of Flemington while maintaining the character and history of Main Street.  There is tremendous value in being part of this transition and in continuing to build our community. Hunterdon Healthcare is committed to providing needed services for our residents, like our newly- opened urgent care center on Church Street.

“We see great opportunity in being part of Mr. Cust's Town Plaza revitalization plan and furthering our mission to improve the health of Flemington's residents and those in the surrounding communities.”

Bob Wise, Former President & CEO

Hunterdon Medical Center

“We are in full support of the plan presented by Mr. Jack Cust, which will create an amazing catalyst for Flemington’s rebranding and redevelopment efforts. Combining this with higher education facilities, a year round public market, and programmed plaza, Flemington will quickly become the showcase downtown that the local residents, their visitors, and new visitors will fall in love with."

Roger Brooks, President & CEO

Roger Brooks International

Consultant hired by Borough 

"It’s time. If Flemington’s going to have a future, it has to change, and we need to embrace this change. Jack Cust and his team have developed a plan that ensures a better quality of life and makes Flemington an important destination once again."

Bob Benjamin, Former President

Flemington Furs


"Hunterdon county is at a very pivotal moment in terms of our economic future. The Courthouse Square development will give the necessary momentum to spur other commercial projects that will re-purpose existing sites throughout the area that are currently underutilized or unoccupied. With this major capital investment the dividend of creating new jobs, new ratables and a more prosperous economic climate is a win-win. We plan to continue our advocacy for the completion of the redevelopment project, which is essential to the revitalization of Flemington and Hunterdon county. We believe that the new plan fairly addresses business and historical interests, and we look forward to working together toward the goal of a more prosperous community."

Chris Phelan, Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce

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