Flemington, NJ can and will be an important, attractive, fun-filled place to live, work and enjoy for the next 100 years! Courthouse Square offers a little bit of everything to the county seat of beautiful Hunterdon County…   

Always considered the pulse and business hub of Hunterdon, Flemington has fallen on difficult times. For more than a decade, leading businesses and local employers have moved on, property values have remained stagnant as taxes continued to rise, the population of Hunterdon has been in decline as millennials decide to reside elsewhere and, in recent times, there’s very little foot traffic in this once bustling little town. There’s little doubt that downtown Flemington is in need of revitalization. Our plan is to make use of rare, advantageous programs approved by the State and redevelop the Main Street commercial business district. 

Higher education, fine and casual dining, tourism and entertainment have all been factored and are important facets included in the design of Courthouse Square. The creation of a dynamic mixed-use, lifestyle community downtown is an investment that has sufficient critical mass sure to attract yet more private investment in Flemington. 

Unlike previous economic development projects attempted within the Flemington Borough commercial business district, our proposed plan fully complies with the goals of a well-thought “County Economic Development Study” (CEDS) comprised by Hunterdon County professionals and endorsed by its Freeholder Board. 

Goals for this redevelopment are as follows:

•    Create a vibrant downtown community desirable to live, work and visit
•    Provide an outstanding higher education campus to the only county in New Jersey without a two or four-year college
•    Attract millennials and new residents
•    Provide efficient and optimum parking and traffic circulation
•    Maintain and respect a historic looking streetscape
•    Have a significant, net positive impact to the Borough of Flemington’s operating budget
•    Become a catalyst for additional revitalization and development