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Dear Flemington Resident,

As you are aware the application to develop Courthouse Square by Flemington Center Urban Renewal LLC was approved by the Borough of Flemington.

This past fall we successfully shored up the Union Hotel to eliminate any further collapse and damage and are excited to begin construction on the overall project.

To keep the community further updated on construction activity, we have created a 'NEWS' link in the header of our website, We will post periodic information from our Construction Manager as it relates to the project construction and timelines of major activity.

We look forward to bringing this project to life and to the Future of Flemington!


Flemington Center Urban Renewal, LLC

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Giselle Trujillo
Giselle Trujillo
Sep 14, 2021

This is one of the most beautiful Urban projects I have ever seen. I cannot wait to see it's completion. You guys are a doing a great job! This will bring such great new energy to Flemington and Hunterdon County.

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